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Your Flights To The Maldives - Everything You Need To Know

The Maldives are an exotic archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean. If you are interested in diverse marine life, this is a great spot for a vacation. You can look for vacation packages to places like Angaga Island ResortSafari Island Resort or Dreamland Maldives.

There are many affordable domestic and international flight options to the Maldives. Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and Qatar Airways are two of the most popular airlines that fly to the island nation but it depends on your origin location for availability.

The Maldives are a great place to visit all year round, but the best time to go is during the winter months from November to April when the weather is cooler and there is less rainfall, but book in advance as booking is hard during these months due to high demand. But if you want a budget trip, May to October is the cheapest period to visit Maldives.

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Important Things To Know About Maldives Flights

Can people book one-way flights to Maldives?

In order to board a plane for the Maldives, you will need proof of an onward ticket. so you won’t be able to just book a one-way flight. If you book a one-way flight, make sure you have a separate return flight as well. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed in the country. Of course, it is easier and more economical to just go ahead and buy round trip flights.

In the event that you may plan to extend your time in the Maldives, try to book with an airline that usually allows for flight changes. That way you can easily adjust the flight time of your return trip. Luckily, you have several airlines to choose from.

What I bring/not bring on Maldives Flight?

Do not bring any pornography or alcohol onto any Maldives flights. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of alcohol options once you reach your resort or hotel.

While you will have a fun and relaxing vacation, the Maldives is a Muslim country with certain restrictions that should be respected even on a flight. With that said, don’t bring any paraphernalia that insults Islam.

Avoid any idols of worship if possible – bringing such items to the country will result in confiscation. So be mindful of anything you may pick up if you are coming from vacation in another country before reaching the Maldives.

Check Your Arrival Time In Maldives

When you are booking your Maldives flight, be mindful of your arrival time as it may affect whether or not you can reach your resort that same day. Do your best to find flight times that arrive before nightfall.

Once you arrive at Male International Airport, you will need to transfer to your resort by seaplane, boat, or a domestic flight. Seaplanes do not fly at night, so you will have to hold off on your private white sand beach to spend the night in Male if you arrive too late.

Domestic flights are cheaper than seaplanes, however not all resorts offer domestic flight as an option, some resorts offer seaplane only options. So its best to discuss transfer possibilities at the time of booking.


All visitors to the Maldives must have a visa, which can be obtained on arrival. It is a no-cost tourist visa and it is valid for 30 days. You can extend the Visa to 60 – 90 days with permission from the government and for a fee. Make sure you can show sufficient funds for your stay as well.

Cheap Flights to the Maldives

As the Maldives becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination, it can be a little tricky finding flights at the cheapest prices. However, with a little bit of research and flexibility, it is possible to find some great flight deals.

One of the best ways to get affordable flights to the Maldives is to fly with a budget airline as far as possible – even if it means connecting flights. These airlines usually offer much cheaper fares than their high-end counterparts, but long-distance flights can sometimes be very tough.

Qatar Airways is one of the best choices for getting cheap flights to the Maldives. The airline offers direct services from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Manchester Airport (MAN), with easy connections from other major European airports.

However, the journey from Europe to the Maldives can be quite long, with a flight time of approximately 14 hours. If you are looking for a more direct route to the Maldives, it is worth considering flights with Sri Lankan Airlines as the now offer MLE-LHR-MLE flights twice per week. The airline operates a number of direct services from Colombo Airport (CMB) to Male International Airport (MLE).

Flights with Sri Lankan Airlines are usually a little bit cheaper than flights with Qatar Airways, and the journey time is just under 4 hours.


What Is The Cheapest Flight To Maldives?

You’ll find the cheapest flights to the Maldives here. As you enter in your preferred flight times, utilize the “flexible dates” search function to increase your odds of finding the cheapest flight possible.

Enter your preferred flight date, then tick the flexible dates box above to reveal the cheapest prices for nearby days.

When you are searching for a cheap flight to the Maldives, it is important to be flexible with your dates. Airlines constantly change their prices according to demand, so there are always great deals to be found if you book further in advance.

Ideally, you should find your cheap flights to Maldives at least two to three months in advance.

What Airlines Fly To Maldives?

When you are reviewing Maldives cheap flights, you may also wonder which airlines fly to Maldives with the most comfort. It is important to know that there are no budget airlines that operate direct flights from Western countries.

For example, when looking to book a flight with Qatar Airways, you simply need to select your departure and arrival cities and will be presented with all the available options in both airports.

However, if you look for a flight on Sri Lankan Airlines, you will only have the option to book flights that connect through Colombo Airport.

The most popular airlines that fly to Maldives are Qatar Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Most of these airlines also offer direct flights from their respective hubs in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Additional airlines that operate flights to the Maldives at various times include:

  • Aeroflot from Moscow (SVO)
  • Air Seychelles from Mahe (SEZ)
  • AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
  • Air France from Paris (CDG)
  • Go Air (IMD)
  • IndiGo (IMD)
  • LOT Polish Airlines from Warsaw (WAW)
  • Gulf Air from Bahrain (BAHR)
  • Air Astana from Kazakhstan (KZ)
  • Air India from Bengaluru (BLR) and Thiruvananthapuram (TRV)
  • Alitalia from Rome (FCO)
  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna (VIE)
  • Bangkok Airways from Bangkok (BKK)
  • British Airways from London Gatwick (LGW)
  • Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong (HKG)
  • China Eastern from Shanghai (PVG)
  • China Southern from Guangzhou (CAN) via Colombo (CMB)
  • Condor from Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Edelweiss Air from Zurich (ZRH)
  • Korean Air from Seoul (ICN) via Colombo (CMB)
  • Lufthansa from Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Saudia from Riyadh (RUH)
  • Singapore Airlines, Silkair and Scoot from Singapore (SIN)
  • SriLankan Airlines from Colombo (CMB)

It all depends on where you are travelling from. Our search widget above will find the available airlines from your location.


What Airlines Provide The Most Comfortable Maldives Flights?

Many airlines compete to offer the most luxurious flight experience. Despite their claims, it’s usually best to book early if you’re looking for more legroom and comfort.

Etihad Airways is one of the best options if you want extra perks with your flight. The airline offers up to business class trips with a first-class lounge where you can enjoy free snacks and drinks before your flight. You’ll also have a private bedroom with a fully-flat bed, an in-flight shower, and access to a car rental service in first class for at least an average of $4,000 per person.

Other airlines that provide a luxurious experience include Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways. The cabin crew of Emirates is known for their award-winning service, which includes an extensive wine list, food served like a gourmet restaurant, and an on-demand entertainment system.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider flying with AirAsia or Scoot. These airlines offer a more relaxed cabin environment without the frills of other high-end airlines. AirAsia has flights from Bangkok to Maldives are among the cheapest routes.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider flying with Sri Lankan Airlines. The airline offers a complimentary meal and beverage service, as well as a generous baggage allowance.

When Is The Best Time To Fly To Maldives?

Finding cheap flights to the Maldives can be challenging, especially since most of the airlines that fly to Male International Airport are full-service carriers. However, there are ways in which you can increase your chances of finding a great deal.

Before deciding on when is the best time to fly to Maldives, it is important to understand some basic concepts about the country. The Maldives is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and as a result, experiences a tropical climate. This means that the weather is hot and humid throughout the year, with occasional rains.

The best time to visit the Maldives varies depending on your personal preferences, but generally speaking, the shoulder seasons (April and November) offer the best value for money. Prices are lower than during the peak season (December-March), and the weather is still pleasant, with average temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius.

If you are looking for guaranteed sunshine, the best time to fly to Maldives is between January and April, when temperatures can get to over 30 degrees Celsius. However, this is also when flights are more expensive and resorts are at their busiest.

Choosing the right time to fly to the Maldives can be tricky, but it is possible to get great deals if you book your ticket well in advance. The country’s low season runs from May until November, with prices starting to drop at the beginning of September. If you are looking for a large choice of cheap flights to the Maldives, this is easily the best time to start searching.

The high season starts in November and peaks in December before dropping until March. This is when demand is highest and airlines tend to offer the most competitive prices. However, if you are not restricted by dates, it is often possible to find last-minute deals in the shoulder seasons.

What months are the least suitable Time to Fly to the Maldives?

There is no such thing as a bad time to visit the Maldives. However, if you are looking for the cheapest flights to the Maldives, then avoiding peak season (November to April) is advisable.

You will find the best flight deals in May or October, when prices start dropping and demand remains low.

Monsoon season, which falls between May and October with a peak in June, is generally avoided by tourists. This is because the country experiences heavy rains and high winds, which can make travelling difficult. This is also called the “wet season”.

However, if you are looking for a more authentic Maldives experience, this is the perfect time to arrange your travel dates and grab the cheapest ticket. You can expect lower prices and smaller crowds at resorts, as well as some great deals on last-minute flights.

How do you fly to the Maldives from Australia?

Maldives flights from Australia are offered by Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, Etihad, Emirates, Qatar, Sri-lankan, and many other airlines. These flights involve at least one connection, with Singapore a popular stopover point.

You can fly with a connecting flight in another Southeast Asian city such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, or Hong Kong. This is a great way to see other popular destinations for a lower price.

Flights to Maldives From Sydney Vs Melbourne

The two most popular departure cities for flights to the Maldives are Sydney and Melbourne. Both offer a range of international airlines and connections, but there are some differences in terms of price and availability.

Sydney is typically more expensive than Melbourne when it comes to flight deals to the Maldives. However, Sydney offers a greater range of departure times and airlines. Melbourne offers more competitive prices, but the choice of flight times is more limited.

Find cheap flights from Sydney to the Maldives with China Southern, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, SriLankan Airlines, and many other airlines.

One of the cheapest routes from Australia to the Maldives in the low season is through Dubai with Emirates. The most expensive route is through Sydney to Singapore on Singapore Airlines.

The cheapest flights from Australia to the Maldives in the high season are found through Colombo (with SriLankan Airlines).

What is the cheapest month to fly from Australia to Maldives?

For low rates, August can be a great choice for Maldives flights. Flights to the Maldives from Australia in August can be less than $1000 if you buy in time.

How To Fly to Maldives from US

Can I Fly Direct Between the US and Maldives?

There are no direct flights between the United States and the Maldives. However, there are a number of airlines that offer connecting flights through other regional hubs such as Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

Airlines that fly to the Maldives from the United States include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways.

The cheapest month to fly from the United States to the Maldives is typically August. Fares in August are sometimes less than $1000 if you fly economy class. If you wish to splurge on a first-class ticket, it will cost you four to five figures.

There are numerous flights from the United States to Maldives for an affordable price roundtrip. Air France has shown very economical flights between the USA and Maldives.

Make sure you are prepared for a long flight if you are departing from the United States. The average time to travel from the USA to your final destination is approximately 20 hours.

Is It Easier To Fly From the East Coast Or West Coast?

The eastern coastal cities of the United States have a greater number of international flights than their counterparts on the West Coast. This means it is usually easier to find cheap flights from New York City or Miami to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore and then connect through one of those airports for a flight to the Maldives.

However, many travelers choose to save money by flying out of a West Coast airport and making a connection in Asia. This can be a great way to see regional attractions for a lower price.

From New York, many passengers have booked some of the cheapest flights to the Maldives. On Kayak, users found great offers for one-way flights on Aeroflot and SAUDIA airlines. When planning your journey, remember to look for cheap flights on Sundays, rather than leaving on a Saturday.

The most cost-effective round-trip flights were on Air France and Turkish Airlines respectively, according to Skyscanner.

Flights to Maldives from Russia

If you’re looking for a cheap flight to the Maldives, consider flying from Russia. Recent round trip flight options from Moscow to Maldives provide cheap flights with one connection.

Flying from Russia can be a more affordable option than flying from the United States or Europe.

There are numerous airlines operating cheap flights from Russian cities to the Maldives, including Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, and Utair.

If you’re looking for a convenient option, book your flight with Qatar Airways. The airline operates flights out of Moscow to Doha and then brings passengers to Maldives on its connecting routes.

Another cheap option is flying with SriLankan Airlines. The airline has a flight from Moscow to Colombo, and then offers connecting flights on its SriLankan Airlines or Maldivian airline for inexpensive rates.

Flights to Maldives from UAE

The UAE is another great option for cheap flights to the Maldives. Many airlines offer direct routes from Dubai to Maldives, making it a convenient option for travelers in the region.

Emirates, Air Mauritius, and Flydubai are the most popular airlines flying between Dubai and Male.

The typical flight time between United Arab Emirates and Male is 4 hours and 20 minutes. Nonstop flights from Dubai to Thimarafushi take around 10 hours.

You should have no problem finding a seat somewhere on this route, since as many as 240 direct flights per day and 1680 flights per week go between the two areas.

Flights to Maldives from UK

The only UK airline to offer direct flights to the Maldives, for example, is British Airways. Its flights depart from London Gatwick (LGW) several times a week during high season (usually between November and April).

The flight is ten hours from London. British Airways serves the Maldives during the summer, under a partnership with partner airline, Qatar Airways. You can travel on a direct flight from London to Malé if your vacation is between November to March.

Being mindful of flight times when booking with British Airways. Seasonal direct flights leave from London three times a week – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. However, you won’t land in Male until the next day.

When it is time to fly back to London, you may do so on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Flights to Maldives from an Africa

The Maldives are a popular holiday destination for many African countries. Kenya Airways offers several routes from Nairobi to Malé with low roundtrip prices. The flight time is about 11 hours.

Kenya Airways is also an option if you’re looking for cheap flights to Maldives from other cities in Africa including Addis Ababa, Antananarivo, and Johannesburg.

SriLankan Airlines is another option that provides affordable rates from numerous African countries. The airline has one of the cheapest direct flights from Nairobi to the Maldives.

If you decide to fly to Maldives from South Africa, it will take you about 8 hours.

Most recently, the cheapest flight from Africa to Maldives is a roundtrip flight from Cairo, Egypt by way of Qatar Airways.

Flights to Maldives from Asia

Japan Airlines offers flights between Tokyo and Male via Bangkok, Thailand. Flights are around 10 – 14 hours departing from both Tokyo’s Narita Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND). Prices vary greatly depending on the season you choose for your trip.

Recent searches show the lowest priced flights to Maldives from Japan in May 2022.

ANA also has several direct flights between Tokyo and Male that take 12 hours 35 minutes to complete one-way. These are available five times per week during high season only. Roundtrip tickets are rather expensive but tend to go down during low season.

There are also flights from Tokyo to Hong Kong or Bangkok with a stopover in Male. These connections are technically cheaper, only taking about 10 hours 40 minutes to reach the Maldives.

Flights to Maldives from South America

There are no direct flights to the Maldives from South America. However, there are a few connecting routes that can be booked with airlines including LATAM and Avianca.

LATAM Airlines offers a connecting flight from São Paulo to Male with a stopover in Santiago. The journey takes approximately 24 hours and the airline offers a variety of in-flight services including movies, TV shows, music, games, and a food menu with international cuisine.

How far is the Maldives from Australia?

Melbourne is 8739 km away from the Maldives while Sydney is 7397 km away.

Airports in the Maldives

If you want to see specific attractions in the Maldives, think about which airport you should fly into. Once you arrive in the capital city of male, you may need to fly to one of the domestic airports listed to reach your accommodations or see certain attractions.

Gan International Airport

Gan International Airport is located on the aptly named island of Gan. This spot is a great starting point for exploring the southern atolls. The airport is also close to the resorts on Dhigali and Maayafushi.

Hanimaadhoo International Airport

This airport is located on Hanimaadhoo, a nearby island to Maamigili. This is another small local airport that is great for those looking to visit the surrounding areas without having to fly into Male.

Travelers can look forward to exploring resorts such as Kurumba and Velaa Private Island as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Alimatha Church.

Velana International Airport

Velana International Airport is located in the capital city of Male and is the main international airport in the Maldives. This is a great airport to fly into if you’re looking to explore all of the islands in the country.

Hulhule Island Airport

Just a few minutes from Velana International Airport, you will find Hulhule Island Airport. This airport is mostly used for domestic flights within the Maldives. If you’re looking to visit some of the smaller islands, this may be your best option.

Villa International Airport

Villa International Airport, also known as Maamigili Airport, is located on the island of Maamigili, part of the Alif Dhaal Atoll, in the Maldives. It is the only airport on the island of Dhiffushi.

This is a great airport for those looking to stay on a local island and enjoy some of the best beaches in the Maldives. The airport is also close to several dive sites.

Kadhdhoo Island Airport

Kadhdhoo Island Airport is located on the island of Kadhdhoo, which is part of the Laamu Atoll. The airport is a great starting point for exploring the southern atolls and is home to resorts such as Soneva Fushi and Huvafen Fushi.

Dhiffushi Island Airport

Dhiffushi Island Airport is located on the island of Dhiffushi, which is part of the Gaafu Alifu Atoll. This airport is perfect for those looking to explore the north and central regions of the Maldives. The airport is also close to the resorts on Dhigali and Maayafushi.

It is only 40 minutes Male Airport by speedboat. Come to this airport to get to the ARAAMU HOLIDAYS & SPA.

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Flying To the Maldives is the start of a dream vacation. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can get to the Maldives some way and somehow by flight. Luckily, the Maldives are open to all nationalities with a no-cost Visa on arrival.

All you have to do is look for a cheap flight. When looking for the cheapest flight possible to Maldives, there are some factors to consider. Your departure airport and the time of year you choose to fly can both have a significant impact on the cost of your ticket.

Generally, the closer you are to the Maldives, the cheaper your flight will be. Flying from a local or regional airport is often cheaper than flying from a major international airport.

If you’re looking for a direct flight, there are several airlines that offer connecting flights through other nearby countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Singapore. You can also find some great deals on domestic airlines that operate throughout the Maldives.

The best time to book your tickets is typically around three months in advance; however, if you’re flexible with your travel dates, you may be able to find cheaper tickets at the last minute.