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Maldives In Summer: Why you should try Maldives in Summer

If you’re reading this article, then you already know about Maldives but for posterity, let’s break it down a little.

Maldives is a country with scattered islands that looks like something out of a fairy tale or when you finally get to the summit of a mountain and see the landscape in front of you. Awe & admiration fills you up and you wonder how nature constructed such a beautiful masterpiece that people can call home.

Maldives is best known as a holiday / tourist destination, one of the top luxury travel destinations in the world, and for good reason. Where else can you find an ocean that looks straight out of a Bob Ross painting? Or a beach that has exquisitely fine sand that slips through your fingers when you grab a handful? How about a coral reef that looks like you’re walking through a field of rainbows, with multiple species of marine life? Maldives truly won the nature lottery in this regard and these are just some of the reasons why it is such a highly sought after holiday destination.

This archipelago is known more so as a winter retreat, where tourists tend to book their trips during the coldest period in their respective countries and come to Maldives during the dry season, which is from November to April. Now while that is completely fine, we would like to highlight the advantages & what you’re missing out on when you book your trip during the wet season of Maldives (from May to October), which would be summertime in certain areas of the world. 

Stick around & read on as to why you should try Maldives in summer!

The Weather In Maldives During Summer

Maldives During Summer

As mentioned prior, summer in Maldives is usually categorised as the wet season (which is known as ‘Hulhangu’ in the native Maldivian language ‘Dhivehi’), which falls under May to October on the calendar. 

While the usual sunny & bright all-day-long weather is still prevalent, it tends to become a bit cooler, with rain, sometimes heavy rain, accompanying the cold during these months. Fear not though, as the heavy rains are not as bad as you might think. 

While it may rain heavily (along with some strong winds that can reach up to around 90 km/h for a few hours), it tends to dissipate quite fast and before you know it, you’re looking up at the sun and smiling at it again, ready to apply your sunscreen & get back to being lightly toasted.

This weather tends to also go on for a few days BUT, this is rarely the case. Expect a quick & clean escape from the rain in Maldives, even during the wet season. Now, what does this mean for people who are curious about vacationing in Maldives during this timeframe?

Fewer people & cheaper hotel rates.

And what does THAT translate into? Possibly a longer stay at a resort (or you could even book a fancier resort for the same time frame you would have for the other resort) and an even more private experience with your partner. And if you’re travelling with family, you’re even further in the green as you’ll have an easier time booking certain activities such as diving, catamaran rides and whatnot due to there being fewer people!

The cheaper hotel rates kick in due to the fact that, you guessed it, no one really wants to book their trip to Maldives during the wet season. People may not want to risk coming across a bit of rain and that’s fine & dandy. That just means it’s easier for YOU to get your fantasy vacation up & running.

Another thing that you can consider when booking your trip during the wet season is the temperature. Maldives is generally a humid country and it can get quite hot in the afternoons, even during the wet season. So when some rain rolls around it feels amazing to have the temperature dip from an uncomfortable humidity to ‘laying on the couch with hot chocolate’ weather. Not to mention, the added rain on the flora if Maldives creates a landscape that echoes with peace & tranquillity, the cherry on top we didn’t know we needed.

Summer Activities In Maldives

Summer Activities In Maldives

If you’re looking for a summer beach, Maldives is the place to be. Everyone knows this. A place where the sun shines without worry & the oceans whisper stories.

You might be wondering, ‘Maldives is an island! There can’t be THAT many things to do there, right?’ That is not entirely the case.

Being at an island resort in Maldives means you’re surrounded by the ocean, wherever you look. And what better way to capitalise on Maldives’ beauty than to go heavily into waterborne activities? If you’re more of an above-ocean type person, expect a variety of activities to do such as surfing, safari boat riding, catamaran tours & flyboarding, just to name a few.

And if you’re more an underwater enthusiast, expect to see an array of colours in the ocean when you decide to go snorkelling & scuba diving, where the marine flora & fauna has lived & grown uninterrupted by humankind. Some resorts even have underwater shipwrecks that you can explore! A modern day treasure hunting experience awaits!

Doing underwater & overwater activities in the summer is doubly better, due to the fact that during the wet season in Maldives, there is much better visibility under the surface of the ocean for diving (so that you can see clearer) & for surfing (so that it’s easier for you to surf without worry of hitting a coral patch or some underlying rocks).

Why Maldives In Summer Is Affordable

As mentioned before, the wet season (basically summer) of Maldives, which is from May to October, results in fewer people booking their trips to Maldives. This in turn drives hotel & flight ticket prices down, enough so that it becomes quite affordable.

Places such as Bandos Maldives that offers a ‘Book Advance & Save Big’ package offers a staggering 43% off room rates! Or the ‘Splash Into Summer!’ package from Kurumba Maldives where kids can stay for free. Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi Maldives is another resort that has an ‘Island Getaways’ package where you get to save 25% on accommodation. These are just some of the few places that offer fantastic deals when you want to vacation in the summer island Maldives.

Now, what can you do with the extra cash you have saved with the cheaper bookings? You could book yourself an extra spa appointment, perhaps spend the second half of your vacation at a different resort? Or even book yourself a Maybe even go on a day trip to the capital, Male’, to see what the city life of Maldives looks like. You could also spend your extra cash on authentic Maldivian souvenirs to take back with you. So many options, so many choices! Treat yourself with whatever pops into your mind.

Best Places To Stay In Maldives During Summer

When it’s summer time in Maldives, there are quite a number of places that will have you booking faster than you can say ‘Hallelujah!’ Below are 5 of the best places that you can stay in during summertime in Maldives.

1. Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Maldives

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Maldives

At Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Maldives, you kick back & relax in a Beach Villa knowing that you’ll only be paying $423 per night for a Half-Board meal plan! Quite a steal considering that most people usually stay for about 7 days or so.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu Maldives is located at the southern side of Maldives at Baa Atoll, a mere 30-minute journey via seaplane from the airport. Due to the resort being located in a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve, expect to see wondrous flora & fauna when you go snorkelling and / or diving.

2. Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Spend your vacation week in the gorgeous retreat known as Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives. This barefoot haven is located at South Ari Atoll, an iconic holiday region in Maldives, with its diving & excursion possibilities filled to the brim, where you can explore a shipwreck under the watchful eye of the PADI Dive Centre.

Book yourself a Duplex Beach Villa before the end of September 2023 & pay $373 per night with the inclusion of a Bed & Breakfast meal plan!

3. Banyan Tree Maldives

Banyan Tree Maldives

Where luxury meets the tranquillity of island life, Banyan Tree Maldives is located at the centre of North Male’ Atoll, where you can take a speedboat ride from the airport that lasts just 20 minutes.

By booking yourself an Ocean View Pool Villa before the end of September 2023, you will be spending $817 per night with a Half-Board meal plan that is sure to relax you till all your stresses melt away. Banyan Tree Maldives is proud of Maldivian culture & shows that love by presenting the popular ‘Bodu Beru’, the purest form of Maldivian song & dance that will have you dancing the night away.

4. Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives

Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives

Modern meets tradition at Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives. A South Male’ Atoll location that is a 45 minute speedboat ride from the airport, get yourself a Full-Board meal plan for $363 per night until September 2023 to live like a true Maldivian straight from the islands.

If you like watersports, Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives offers a premium experience whether it’s above or below the surface of the water. Enjoy kitesurfing and riding the waves or indulge in the beauty of the ocean by diving to go see manta rays. A water-lovers paradise indeed.

5. SAii Lagoon Maldives

SAii Lagoon Maldives

Want to experience the true meaning of going on vacation? SAii less. SAii Lagoon Maldives exists to look after your every need while you’re on holiday. Venture to SAii Lagoon Maldives & make your booking for as low as $375 per night just for September 2023 and get yourself a Bed & Breakfast meal plan.

A mere 15 minutes away from the airport, SAii Lagoon Maldives has one of the most extensive spa & wellness complexes to grace the resort side of Maldives. Have your senses awakened and then lulled to sleep afterwards from the sheer relaxation of the Be Well Spa.

Now you know why it’s more of a good idea to try Maldives in summer! The rates are cheaper, there are fewer people, you get to enjoy for a possibly longer time due to the lower rates, the weather, the activities, the reasons are plenty. 

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your vacation in Maldives & we hope that we have convinced you to make your bookings during the summer. Come on over to MadlyMaldives to make your booking that much easier & that much faster!