5 Star Hotels in Maldives
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5-Star Hotels in Maldives

When it comes to quality and luxury, it’s hard to beat Maldives as a travel destination. The country offers a unique holiday experience that is adored and fantasised by many people.

Maldives is an island nation made up of 1,192 islands that crosses the Equator line. Summer and rain are the only seasons you can expect from this country, which makes it ideal for those in colder countries to visit. 

The sun shines throughout the year and reflects off of the clear sea with kaleidoscopic shades of blue. The beaches are full of fine sand and the symphonies of a quiet shore.

Maldivian people are famously known for being a kind, warm & hospitable bunch and this extends to their resorts as well. Each guest is treated as though they were a good friend they haven’t seen in a while. The resorts themselves are held to the highest standard, with top-tier features & amenities available to the guests for the best time possible.

If you want to get the best version of these possible – the features, the amenities, the quality and luxury, look no further than 5 star hotels in Maldives. 

Combine the atmosphere of an island on a summer’s day with the luxury of kings and queens and you get the Maldivian resort experience. If you’re looking for the absolute premium in quality and luxury, top it off by booking a 5 star hotel in Maldives.

Criteria For Selecting The Best Maldives 5 Star Hotels

Criteria For Selecting The Best Maldives 5 Star Hotels
Photo Credit: AirPano

Location & Accessibility

Hotels and resorts in Maldives are usually split amongst this island nation. Each resort has its own island where they build upon. As Maldives is an archipelago that stretches as long as 871 kilometres / 541 miles, some of the resorts can be somewhat far from the airport.

If you’re a person who doesn’t mind a seaplane ride or a longer commute by speedboat, then booking a resort that’s a bit far out wouldn’t be an issue. The airport is pretty close to the middle of the archipelago and provided that you don’t mind paying a bit more for the seaplane ride instead of the cheaper speedboat, you’ll reach your island resort in no time. Trips can range from 15 – 30 minutes to below two hours.

Some hotels offer a transfer service from the airport to their respective islands so make sure to check whether the service is available or not. You can simply ask the resorts themselves on how to proceed and they’ll provide you with the necessary steps for you to reach the hotel safe and sound. 

Accommodation Options & Amenities

Resorts in Maldives know that there’s always going to be a variety of groups that make their bookings. It can range from a solo traveller to a couple, a family of three or four to a massive group of friends or family members. This is why almost each resort makes it a point to include a range of accommodation options that accounts for the above-mentioned groups. 

There are also villas at the resorts that have a beach option and an overwater option. A few resorts also have a treetop or jungle villa but this depends largely on the amount of vegetation on the island.

Consideration is a key aspect at Maldivian resorts. All rooms at any resort would come with the basic amenities but they do tend to go the extra mile. 

Basic amenities such as wi-fi, air conditioning, bathroom amenities and more are available but some resorts like to offer a bit more such as baby cribs, a jacuzzi, in-room dining and so on.

Service Quality & Guest Reviews

Quality of service is always a top concern for travellers. No one wants to go on holiday only for the experience to be less than great due to poor service.

Your best option to check up on this would be to find any sort of guest review about the hotel. Whether it’s written on their website, on a booking service or even if it’s on YouTube, anything will do. 

Dining & Culinary Experiences

Dining & Culinary Experiences
Photo Credit: Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

Everyone loves food and in Maldives it’s no different. Maldivian food itself is a wonderful mix of flavours, jumping from spicy to sweet and just the right amount of bitter and sour. When you take that and pair it with a hotel experience, especially a 5 star one, the results are outstanding. 

It doesn’t stop with just Maldivian food. The culinary experts like to shake things up by adding in more cuisine options such as Italian, French, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Mediterranean to name a few. These tastes come in the form of individual dishes or even in a buffet style so that you can enjoy to your hearts’ content.

Dining setting is also an aspect Maldives hotels excel at. Want to have a private romantic dinner at the beach with your partner, surrounded by candlelights and the starry sky above? Consider it done as this is an experience that a lot of hotels offer. 

There’s also musical experiences to be had, with either a live DJ playing some tunes in the background or a live band playing your favourite songs as you dine. There are more diverse experiences available, all for the guests’ pleasure.

Recreational Activities & Facilities

The saying ‘Fun in the Sun’ gets better in Maldives. With Maldives being an island nation, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to do. You’d just lie around, getting your tan done or going for a walk on the beach. This is not the case at all.

Due to the crystal clear waters, Maldives has become one of the best spots to do anything and everything water-related. Activities such as diving, snorkelling, sailing, fishing, jet skiing and much more are available.

There’s as much fun to be had on land as well. If you’re an active person, the resorts offer sports activities such as football, volleyball, tennis, bicycle rides, etc.

When you go to Maldives, you think about relaxation, tranquillity, peace and every noun that falls in that category. So get ready to enjoy a day being pampered at a spa or doing some arts & crafts that uses traditional Maldivian methods. Head over to a steam room to sweat out all your stresses or hit the weights at a fitness centre to get that burn going.

Overall Luxury & Exclusivity

Maldives is such a unique location that it’s not hard to imagine the overall luxury and exclusivity that one would experience. Each island is its own resort, surrounded by a canvas of blue. You’re waited on hand and foot by the resort employees for whatever you may need.

How many of your friends can say they’ve been to the Maldives? How many people have you heard say that they’ve been snorkelling in the most colourful reefs on the planet? This is exclusivity at its finest and the best it can get.

Without further ado, let’s get to the best Maldives 5 star hotels!

The 10 Best Maldives 5 Star Hotels In 2023

1. JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa

 JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa
Photo Credit: Trans Maldivian Airways

Marriott is a big name in the hotel industry and they planted their flag in Maldives in November of 2019. The hotel is situated at Shaviyani Atoll, which is a seaplane ride away, 55 minutes from Velana International Airport. Privacy was the name of the game and they achieved it by constructing the hotel at the northern edge of the archipelago.

What Makes JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa Special


JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa made sure to make privacy one of their selling points. They also wanted to make sure that they were known for being a family friendly destination. 

JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa made the marriage of privacy and family friendliness a reality. The resort only has 60 rooms, with beach and overwater options. The rooms are quite spacious, going from 234 sqm to 285 sqm. 

Duplexes are available for families or even couples if they want the extra space or are travelling with friends.

For The Children

JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa comes with the Little Griffins Kids Club, a place for kids to enjoy and live out their playful fantasies. Being one of the biggest kids clubs that Maldives has, it has some exciting features for the kids to enjoy. 

It comes with a 43 foot / 13 metre pirate ship that was inspired by a shipwreck on the island. Beach huts were built with colourful & decorative interiors to spark imagination. A children’s swimming pool lets them cool off and play on a hot summer’s day.

The Little Griffins Kids Club also comes with a variety of activities for the children, such as Sandcastle Making, Beach Olympics, Chefs In The Making and much more! They have more than 100 activities that are sure to keep them entertained throughout the day, while parents get some well-deserved downtime for themselves.

Relaxation Redefined

The Spa by JW is the perfect place for anyone to relax & recuperate. Be it mind, body or spirit, Spa by JW offers treatments that will cater to these and have you feeling rejuvenated in no time.

A variety of experiences such as massages, facials, wraps and more are available for all guests. An in-house salon also caters to more specific needs so that you walk out of the spa feeling refreshed and confident as ever.

Wining & Dining

JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa comes with 9 dining options that covers quite a number of palettes.

Five of these options are restaurants that have cuisines ranging from international tastes, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and a grill that does seafood and prime cut meats. The other four range from a wine room, a cocktail bar, a rum bar and a Maldivian beach bar. 

The restaurants are stylistically designed to match the cuisine and mood and there are tailored experiences for couples and families to enjoy as well. These range from a romantic dinner on the beach, a traditional Maldivian cuisine with cultural entertainment and more.


JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa has a few more experiences up its sleeve. In addition to everything mentioned above, they also have the following:

  • Fitness Centre
    • Complete with state-of-the-art cardio equipment and weights, along with an ocean view to complete the package.
  • Swimming Pools
    • Horizon Pool & Pool 18
  • Multipurpose Playground
    • Volleyball Court
    • Football Court
  • Diving & Water Sports Centre
    • Diving
    • Snorkelling
    • Dolphin Watching
    • Fishing
    • Jet Skiing
    • Parasailing
    • Kayaking
    • Standup Paddle Boarding
    • Banana Boat
    • Kite Surfing & more

2. Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands
Photo Credit: Patina Hotels & Resorts

With luxury at the top of their priority list, Patina Maldives, Fari Islands has created a resort experience that is almost unmatched. The ocean shades of blue show the separation between island and sea, creating almost a wing-like shape from above. They are located at North Male’ Atoll and can be reached in 10 minutes via seaplane from Velana International Airport.

What Makes Patina Maldives, Fari Islands Special


Made mostly with light and dark woods, all accommodation spaces have a chic and woody vibe, especially the villas on land. They all feature a private pool, which is either 6.2m, 9.6m or a whopping 21m. 

They all come with complimentary amenities that increase as the accommodation gets larger as well. Written below are the types of villas available, increasing in size as the list progresses:

  • Fari Studios
  • One Bedroom Villas
    • One Bedroom Water Pool Villa
    • One Bedroom Sunset Water Pool Villa
    • One Bedroom Beach Pool Villa
    • One Bedroom Sunset Beach Pool Villa
  • Two Bedroom Villas
    • Two Bedroom Water Pool Villa
    • Two Bedroom Sunset Water Pool Villa
    • Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa
    • Two Bedroom Sunset Beach Pool Villa
  • The Beach House

Activities & To-Do’s

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands boasts an incredible amount of activities that falls outside the usual holiday & resort festivities such as diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, etc. They have a ‘Calendar Of Events’, which shows the collaborations and professional guests that will be at the hotel for a set time. They will showcase their profession, be it in beauty, the culinary arts, music, artistry, sports, etc.

Depending on the activity, you can also take part! There are masterclasses, hands-on learning experiences and more where you get to learn just like the masters of their craft.

This calendar has events that span a year so if you’re looking to book your trip to Patina Maldives, take a look at what sort of events they have lined up. That way you can book your trip in a timeframe where your favoured activity would take place!

Say ‘I Do’

If you’ve ever wanted to get married on a fantastical island, where the ocean is your master of ceremony (disclaimer: not really, a real master of ceremony will be provided) and the sand and sky sing hymns of everlasting love, then Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is the place to be. 

There are multiple packages which you can choose from so that you can tailor your special day just the way you want it. 

There are also celebrations, honeymoon and retreat options for you to choose from to maximise your vacation quality.


Flow is Patina Maldives, Fari Islands spa experience. While they do have the usual treatments such as facials, massages, salon services, etc, they have two unique experiences on offer.

One of them is Sensory Deprivation Therapy, where you’ll be put into a float pod for an hour. The water inside the pod is at skin temperature and it puts you into a secluded trance where sight, sound and gravity do not exist. 

A deep relaxation awaits as you float in the pod as the sensory deprivation kicks in, which has shown a number of medical and psychological benefits. They range from improvements to sleeping patterns & moods and a reduction in chronic pain, stress & anxiety.

Another experience they have is named Wonderful Watsu, which is basically Water Therapy. This form of therapy has shown positive results in injuries, joint mobility, anxiety induced tension and pressure point muscle release. A therapist takes you to waters that’s 36°C and takes you through a calming set of motions that relaxes you mentally and physically.


Patina Maldives, Fari Islands has more to offer its guests. In addition to everything mentioned above, they also have the following:

  • Footprints
    • Kids Club with diverse activities for them to learn and be entertained.
  • Dive Centre & Watersports Centre
    • Dive Butler International leads the underwater and above water adventures at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands.
  • Artistry
    • An expressive landscape left by visiting artisans of different styles and disciplines.
  • Retail
    • Shop at The Luxury Edition for the best holiday wear to compliment your vacation.
  • Wining & Dining
    • Patina Maldives, Fari Islands has 13 locations for food and drink, ranging from tastes such as Latin, Indian, Lebanese, Asian, Italian, Aegean, Japanese, Nordic, plant-based, fast foods and alcoholic beverages.

3. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Photo Credit: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is a hotel that has pushed and broken the boundaries of what is possible to achieve. They designed and created an accommodation space that is a first-of-its-kind, marking them as a pioneer in the industry. The hotel is located at South Ari Atoll and can be reached via a 30 minute seaplane flight from Velana International Airport.

What Makes Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Special


Conrad Maldives Rangali Island ideated and brought to life their vision for underwater living. Introducing THE MURAKA, a two-floor accommodation space.

The top floor has two bedrooms and one bathroom, dining areas, an outdoor deck, an infinity pool, a 24-hour butler and more. 

The bottom floor is accessed via an elevator or spiral staircase where the master bedroom is 16 feet / 5 metres under the surface of the ocean. A curved acrylic dome shelters you from the ocean while the beauty of the sea and its residents are visible to you. There is also a walk-in closet, a dedicated tunnel viewing theatre and bathroom windows that covers the height of the room.

Wining & Dining

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has one more underwater trick up its sleeve. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant was made 16 feet / 5 metres below sea level as well. It is the world’s first undersea restaurant.

Dine with a direct view of the colourful coral lines as you order from fusion menus that bring local & western tastes together. Fine wines are paired with the menu to bring more tastes to an already fantastic experience.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant can also be booked for weddings, private dining and special occasions.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has more restaurants with the following cuisines and experiences:

  • Chinese
  • Seafood
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Buffets
  • Cheese & Wine Bar
  • Wine Cellar
  • The Mandhoo Spa Restaurant
  • Beach Dining Events

A Sanctuary Of Tranquility

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has a spa that rests 328 feet / 100 metres off the coast of the island, making it a secluded haven.

Not only do they provide top-notch body & beauty treatments, they also have the Mandhoo Spa Restaurant. Their menu was created for the health & wellbeing of the guests, which is backed up by the fact that almost all of their organic produce is grown on the island.

The spa also has holistic treatments, a nail & hair salon, a boutique and much more.

Grab yourself a filling and healthy meal after the tension in your muscles and mind has been released.


In addition to everything mentioned above, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island also has the following:

  • Fitness & Yoga
  • Kids & Teens Club
    • For children ranging from the ages of 3 – 11.99 y/o for the Kids Club and 12 – 16 y/o for the Teens Club.
  • Infinity Pools
    • An adults-only infinity pool known as the Quiet Zone Pool is available for couples.
  • Watersports & Ocean Dive Centre
  • Variety of excursions

4. Constance Moofushi Maldives

Constance Moofushi Maldives
Photo Credit: Constance Hotels

Constance Moofushi Maldives is an ocean lover’s paradise. The hotel has an excellent reputation for being one of the top snorkelling & diving destinations in the world. You can reach the hotel with a 35 minute seaplane ride.

What Makes Constance Moofushi Maldives Special

An Underwater Adventure To Remember

Constance Moofushi Maldives is located at South Ari Atoll, where lionfish, eels, snappers and stingrays call home. The surrounding waters is also a known migration route for various other ocean creatures such as whale sharks, sea eagles, mantas and dolphins.

The waters are also relatively clear to the naked eye. Water visibility goes all the way down to 20 – 25 metres and is coupled with a current that shifts between slow and moderate.

Combining all these aspects, along with the choice of 20 or more diving points (if you’re a seasoned diver), Constance Moofushi Maldives has made the world of diving an even better place.

Cruise The Seas Like Sailors Past

Constance Moofushi Maldives takes you on a cultural journey over the ocean, with a cruise on a traditional Maldivian boat known as the ‘Dhoani’. 

Used in the past and with a variation of the old design still used to this day by some, experience how travellers used to sail across these cerulean waters.

Overwater Wellness

The Constance Spa features overwater treatment rooms, a fitness room and a yoga pavilion. Highly focused on wellness as a whole, Constance Spa made it a point to take all avenues into account.

Indulge in Signature Rituals which were made for couples. Spa Packages focuses on wellness with detox options, rejuvenation options and more. The Wellness Bodycare selection has an emphasis on massages, ranging from Hot Stone, Balinese, Ayurvedic, Thai and more.

Their Skincare menu showcases facials and boy treatments to revitalise the skin. The Wellness Grooming section offers mani-pedi, waxing and tinting. It also comes with a spa menu for kids so your little ones can enjoy a spa day as well. The Wellness Move & Nourish section has Fitness, Yoga and a Wellness Nutrition option for those who have specific dietary habits.


Below are some highlights about Constance Moofushi Maldives:

  • Accommodation
    • Water Villa
    • Beach Villa
    • Sand Villa
      • Combination of Beach & Water Villa
    • Senior Water Villa
  • Food & Drink
    • Manta Restaurant
      • Buffet style
    • Alizée
      • Grilled meats & seafood
    • Totem Bar
      • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
      • Food & snacks
    • Manta Bar
      • Signature mocktails & cocktails
  • For Couples
    • Have your wedding at Constance Moofushi Maldives
    • Honeymoon Package
      • Variety of activities and perks available for the honeymooning couple

5. You & Me By Cocoon Maldives

You & Me By Cocoon Maldives
Photo Credit: IM Maldives

You & Me By Cocoon Maldives is an Adults-Only island where the focus is on you and your partner. Romance and love is in the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A 45 minute seaplane ride from Velana International Airport will get you to the hotel.

What Makes You & Me By Cocoon Maldives Special


All of the accommodation options at You & Me By Cocoon Maldives have one thing in common: they’re split between either a sunrise view or a sunset view. A direct line of sight towards these beautiful moments only magnifies the romance this hotel radiates.

Below are the different types of accommodations, the view, the location and the size, respectfully:

  • Manta Villa
    • Sunrise
    • Lagoon
    • 55 sqm
  • Dolphin Villa
    • Sunset
    • Lagoon
    • 55 sqm
  • Aqua Suite With Slide
    • Sunrise
    • Lagoon
    • 65 sqm
  • Dolphin Pool Villa
    • Sunset
    • Lagoon
    • 65 sqm
  • Aqua Suite With Pool
    • Sunset
    • Lagoon 
    • 80 sqm
  • Beach Suite With Pool
    • Sunrise
    • Beach
    • 85 sqm
  • You & Me Suite
    • Sunset
    • Beach 
    • 280 sqm

An Excursion Of A Lifetime

You & Me By Cocoon Maldives offers an excursion to a beautiful marine ecosystem known as Hanifaru Bay. It’s known for being home to manta rays and whale sharks, where you can see them up close in their natural habitat.

Hanifaru Bay is one of the very few places in the world where this is possible and has earned a reputation as a highlight of Maldives. It became a part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2011. People are still allowed to snorkel there for a fee and for a certain time frame.

All worth it for snorkelling enthusiasts around the world.

Dine Below The Surface Of The Ocean

You & Me By Cocoon Maldives is home to H2O By Berton, an underwater restaurant that is the first of its kind in Maldives. Guests get to enjoy a meal made by Michelin Star Chef Andrea Berton while taking in the view. 

The restaurant has a 360 degree view of the ocean and each table faces the outside of the establishment. A carefully crafted experience for those who want the finer things in life.


You & Me By Cocoon Maldives has even more for you to experience. Here’s what they have on offer:

  • Restaurants
    • The Sand
      • International cuisine
    • Green Carpet
      • Healthy dishes for lunch
    • Rising Sun
      • Japanese cuisine
    • Italians do it better… la pasta
      • Italian cuisine
    • Cheers Bar
      • Cocktails, champagnes, wines & live music
  • You & Me Spa
    • Therapeutic treatments from around the world
  • Experiences
    • Water Sports
    • Scuba Diving
    • Fitness Centre
    • Excursions
    • Weddings
    • Photography
    • Entertainment

6. Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives
Photo Credit: Visit Maldives

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives is located at South Ari Atoll, a popular hub for snorkelling and diving. It is 30 minutes away by seaplane from Velana International Airport.

What Makes Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives Special

Explore The Sea Without Getting Wet

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives offers a semi-submarine for guests to ride on. The lower hull has glass where you get to sit and admire the underwater world without getting yourself wet. 

Take a loved one or your family on an underwater journey where you are greeted by colourful schools of fish and marine flora. 

Pick & Choose Your Meal Plan

If you’re a big foodie, love to dine around and try out all types of food, Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives has multiple meal plans you can check out. Explore your tastes by picking from one of the plans below:

  • Half Board
    • Daily breakfast
    • Daily dinner
    • À la carte choices (chargeable)
  • Full Board
    • Daily breakfast
    • Daily lunch
    • Daily dinner
    • À la carte choices (chargeable)
  • All-Inclusive
    • Daily breakfast
    • Daily lunch venue options
    • Daily dinner venue options
    • Afternoon tea
    • Choice of complimentary alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks
    • Choice of drink from the bars at the hotel
    • Daily resort credit = more food options
  • Grand All-Inclusive
    • Unlimited dining
    • Stay for a minimum of three nights for a complimentary choice of excursion
  • Island Club Upgrade
    • Enjoy breakfast, lunch & dinner at a premium venue
    • Island Club Lounge access for arrival & departure to & from the hotel
    • Beverages from Island Club Bar
    • Daily meal services (complimentary):
      • Pre-lunch snacks
      • Afternoon tea & fruits
      • Pre-dinner canapés
    • Hotel room minibar upgrade (1x daily replenishment)
    • Snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, daily wine bottle
    • Minimum seven night stay grants a weekly spirit bottle, along with 2x in-villa breakfast

Get The Party Going

Whether it’s a birthday, a bachelorette party, a gala dinner or a concert, Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives ensures your event is taken care of without any hiccups.

A planner is specifically assigned to plan out the event with excellent detail in mind. Your event is as important to them as it is to you, as the planner shoots for perfection. 

So kick back and enjoy your vacation as the hotel takes care of the details for you.


Check out what else Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives has up its sleeve:

  • Wining & Dining
    • Azzuri Mare
      • Italian cuisine
    • Reef
      • International cuisine
    • Suan Bua
      • Thai cuisine
    • Aqua Bar
      • Drinks & snacks
    • Coral Bar and Lounge
      • Drinks & snacks
    • In-villa dining
      • International & Thai cuisine
  • Corporate Events
    • Team building
    • Corporate meetings
    • Can be hosted at Suan Bua, Reef or at the beachfront
  • SPA Cenvaree Maldives
    • Couple treatment rooms
    • In-room massage
    • Vichy treatments
    • Steam room
    • Hot or cold plunge pool
    • Foot massage

7. Dhawa Ihuru Maldives

Dhawa Ihuru Maldives
Photo Credit: Purely Maldives

Located at North Male’ Atoll, a quick 20 minutes away from Velana International Airport by speedboat, Dhawa Ihuru Maldives is an all-inclusive paradise. Solo travellers, couples and groups of people, be it family or friends will have a grand time here.

What Makes Dhawa Ihuru Maldives Special


You’ve heard of villas that are underwater, made completely out of wood & floating above water and even two-storey villas on the beach facing the sunset. Dhawa Ihuru Maldives’ has something special in their villas as well for its guests.

While it might be obvious from the name, the Beachfront Jet Pool Villa and the Beachfront Rainmist Villa come equipped with a jet pool and a rainmist machine respective to the villas.

Relax with a stream of water massaging your back or with a gentle wave of moisture caressing you on a hot summer’s day. These two rooms come with the following amenities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Widescreen smart IPTV
  • Hair dryer
  • Outdoor shower
  • Minibar
  • Safe
  • Complimentary internet connection
  • On-demand television channels
  • Bathrobes
  • Coffee-making facilities
  • Electric kettle

Sail The Seas

Venture out to the ocean to live out your dreams as a ship captain. 

Dhawa Ihuru Maldives offers a private catamaran ride where you get to drift to uninhabited islands to dine on. Drop anchor so you can go snorkelling near a rainbow-coloured coral reef.

A Taste Of Culture

If you’re into history, you’ll be pleased to know that Maldives has quite the rich background.

Dhawa Ihuru Maldives offers an experience where you get to go to visit the capital known as Male’, attend a marine talk, be educated on Maldivian culture & myths and attend a Bodu Beru performance.

Bodu Beru is the traditional song & dance of Maldives, one used in celebration all throughout the country.


Here’s what else Dhawa Ihuru Maldives has to offer for all their guests:

  • Wining & Dining
    • Riveli Restaurant
    • Velaavani Bar
    • Nectar – In-villa dining
  • Facilities
    • 8lements Spa
    • Activa Gym
    • Kids Club
    • Marine Centre
    • Nest (Chill out zone)
  • Experiences
    • Destination Dining
    • Multiple watersports activities

8. Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
Photo Credit: Hard Rock Hotels

Work hard and party harder at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. Located at South Male’ Atoll, it takes a speedboat 15 minutes of travel from Velana International Airport to get to the hotel.

What Makes Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Special

Jammin’ In The Pool

The public pool at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is no ordinary pool. In addition to having a waterslide that begins on the roof of a building, they have an unexpected surprise in the pool itself.

The surprise is revealed to you as you step into the pool and feel vibrations around you. The pool comes equipped with a submerged sound system that plays music constantly. Rock out to some tunes as you swim and play in this watery entertainment system.

Feel The Beat

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is home to a world’s first in the spa category. The Rock Spa is the world’s first fully immersive music-centric spa, making use of patterns, vibrations & pressure to send you into a state of relaxation.

As you’re getting your treatment, you’re met with a rumbling bass through the massage table. And from directly above you there is a treble that sandwiches you, pushing you beyond the limits of tranquillity.


Hard Rock Hotel Maldives has some more up its sleeve, such as:

  • Accommodation
    • 10 different types for a fuller experience.
  • Boutique
    • Known as Rock Shop, where they sell clothing, collectibles & more.
  • For the kids
    • Roxity Kids Club.
    • Teen Spirit Club.
  • Jam in your room
    • The Sound Of Your Stay, where you get a Fender delivered to your door for you to hit some licks.
  • Gym time
    • Body Rock, where there’s state-of-the-art equipment for a complete gym experience.
  • Yoga for the soul
    • Rock Om, where you get to do yoga in the comfort of your room to pre-recorded yoga classes from Hard Rock Hotel Maldives’ Yoga Gurus.
  • Food & Drink
    • Hard Rock Cafe’ Maldives
      • American-style food
    • Sessions
      • International cuisine
    • The Elephant And The Butterfly
      • Mexican roots, Latin American inspired
    • Pool Bar
      • Swim-up bar with a special menu for kids
    • Private Dining
      • Bespoke experiences upon request

9. Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru

Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru
Photo Credit: Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru is an idyllic holiday destination set in South Ari Atoll. The ocean stretches out with almost no other island in sight, giving it a serene look and feel. You can get here by seaplane within 25 minutes from Velana International Airport.

What Makes Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru Special

For The Mother-To-Be

Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru has a spa with a treatment that caters to the mother-to-be. The Voya Prenatal category has two treatments that are tailored for relaxation and comfort.

The Organic Precious Moments treatment helps to stave off stretch marks and support connective tissue. A specialised mask is put on the baby bump  to achieve this result. 

A seaweed wrap is then put on the mother’s feet, which helps in increasing circulation, provides an improvement to lymphatic drainage and also decreases fluid retention. This is then accompanied by an organic mask and a hand, arm & face massage.

The Organic Prenatal Voyager treatment is a body, scalp & face massage which uses oil to gently ease out the aches and pains they would be experiencing. 

An Ocean Adventure At Sundown

Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru offers a two hour ocean retreat where you get to go private sunset fishing. With a maximum occupancy of six guests for this activity, you can enjoy a relaxing sunset while catching some of Maldives’ aquatic denizens.


Check out what else Outrigger Maldives Maafushivaru has to offer their guests:

  • Activities
    • Diving
      • Trips & courses for all experience levels.
    • Excursions
      • Snorkel alongside manta rays, whale sharks or nurse sharks.
      • Various snorkelling activities.
    • Watersports
      • Parasailing, windsurfing and more.
    • Big Game Fishing
    • Private Charter
      • Take a boat out to sea for a maximum of four hours and explore the ocean.
  • Relaxation & Tranquility
    • Navasana Spa
      • Skin care, body massages, facial treatments and more.
  • Food & Drink
    • Moodhu Grill
      • Seafood
      • Choice cuts
      • Middle Eastern style kebabs
    • Art-I-San
      • Fine dining
    • Koto
      • Japanese fusion
      • Teppanyaki
    • Cuisine Gallery
      • International cuisine
      • Buffet style
    • Edgewater
      • Poolside bar
    • Kofee ‘n Chill
      • Desserts
      • Coffees
    • Wine Menu

10. Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort
Photo Credit: Raffles Hotels

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort is located at Gaafu Alifu Atoll which is at the southern end of Maldives. A domestic flight will take you to Kaadedhdhoo, which is an hour long flight. A speedboat will take you to the resort afterwards.

What Makes Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort Special

Help Is Just A Call Away

If you’re too busy while on vacation and you have no time to set up some fun activities, you can comfortably rely on the Butler the resort sends your way. The Butler ensures that you and whoever came with you gets the assistance that you requested for, in whatever shape or form.

The Butlers are also trained by the resident marine biologist. This means the same Butlers can take you on a snorkelling journey. The training they went through gave them the knowledge as to the challenges the island is facing underwater, along with the steps being taken to ensure a smooth recovery.

An Unlikely Culinary Marriage

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort is home to a cuisine that is relatively new to the world. The restaurant is named Yuzu, Nikkei Cuisine. Nikkei is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian tastes, creating a whole new world of tastes. 

Nikkei cuisine came about around the beginning of the 19th century and while it may have had a slow start, it has slowly become a cuisine that people love.


Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort has more to offer their guests:

  • Adventures at the ocean
    • Housereef snorkelling
    • Jet skiing
    • Big game fishing
  • Wining & Dining
    • Thari
      • All-day dining
    • The Firepit
      • Barbeque dining
    • Long Bar
      • Top-of-the-line champagnes
    • Yapa Sunset Bar
      • South American & Japanese cocktails
  • Relaxation
    • Raffles Spa
      • Classic facials
      • Body treatments
      • Body massage
      • Beauty treatments
      • Kids spa
      • Yoga
      • Hair services

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