Underwater Hotels in Maldives
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10 Best Underwater Hotels In Maldives

Maldives is a country that has become quite a popular tourist / vacation destination over the last few decades. The country holds some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world, and this extends underwater as well.

Colourful coral reefs, an incredible amount of sea creatures and exploration opportunities lie beneath the surface of the ocean of this natural marvel.

While the natural and picturesque underwater view is something that people love to experience with snorkelling and diving, Maldives have decided to take it a step further. Why put on diving gear and get yourself wet just to see the underwater ecosystem when you can do it from the inside of a building?

More specifically, an underwater building.

Introducing underwater hotels, Maldives’ lavish options for those on a budget and for those who don’t like stepping into the ocean. This doesn’t mean that the entirety of these 5-star marvels are underwater; we’re not quite there yet. However, there are certain aspects to the hotel that are underwater.

Read on to find out what the best underwater hotels are in Maldives!

The Best Underwater Hotels In Maldives

As mentioned before, the entire hotel isn’t underwater. Rather, certain parts of it are. These parts can be categorised into three sections: Restaurants, accommodation and spas. 

Let’s start with restaurants as that is the aspect that has the most options to choose from.

1. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas: SEA Underwater Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Maldives is home to the world’s first underwater wine cellar in the form of Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas’ SEA Underwater Restaurant & Wine Cellar. 

SEA is one of the restaurants in a signature four-in-one dining concept of SEA.FIRE.SPICE.SKY. FIRE, SPICE and SKY are above water restaurants that have Peruvian & Asian (fusion), Asian and light bites & drinks options respectively.

SEA is located 6 metres / 20 feet beneath the surface and has multiple windows at almost every angle to look out of while you’re eating your meal. The ceiling and various parts of the restaurant also have mirrors setup so that it feels like you’re in the ocean with marine life.

The restaurant is also available for booking any type of private event and celebration as well. Weddings, birthdays, you name it! Bring 20 of your closest family & friends and spend your special occasion surrounded by the sea and its fascinating inhabitants.

SEA’s underwater wine cellar is the prologue to the restaurant itself, where you can walk through the beautifully designed, bottle-laden hallway while exploring what they have to offer.

SEA’s underwater wine cellar carries a wide selection of options such as:

  • Champagnes
  • White, red and rosè wines
  • Dessert wines
  • Fortified wines
  • Vintage & non-vintage options
  • Sparkling wines
  • Italian & French wines
  • Sherry / Port wines

SEA has breakfast, lunch, vegetarian lunch, dinner and kids menu options and are priced as follows:

  • Breakfast: USD 250++ per person
  • Lunch is offered in a four-course dégustation setting
    • USD 295++ per person (excluding beverages)
    • USD 445++ per person (with wine pairing)
  • Vegetarian lunch is offered in a four-course dégustation setting
    • USD 295++ per person (excluding beverages)
    • USD 445++ per person (with wine pairing)
    • Vegetarian menus are on a pre-order basis only
  • Dinner is offered in a seven-course dégustation setting
    • USD 395++ per person (excluding beverages)
    • USD 590++ per person (with wine pairing)
  • The kids menu has a number of selections:
    • Amuse Bouche
    • Appetiser
      • Mixed green salad
    • Main course
      • Grilled fish 
      • Corn fed chicken breast 
      • Vegetable & cream cheese tortellini
    • Dessert
      • Salty caramel Manjari chocolate mousse
      • Fruit platter
      • Choice of ice cream

2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Say hello to the world’s first underwater restaurant located at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Ithaa, which means ‘mother-of-pearl’ in the Maldivian language, is located 5 metres / 16.5 feet beneath the surface. 

A 180–degree acrylic dome encases the restaurant, providing views into the ocean above and around. Dine within a clear view of a coral garden and take in nature’s finest selection of colours.

The restaurant is made for intimate dining, with just 14 seats available for reservation and serves contemporary European tastes. For breakfasts, a reservation needs to be made as well, along with weddings and other special occasions. 

Ithaa has lunch, vegetarian lunch, dinner, vegetarian dinner and alcohol options and are priced as follows:

  • Lunch & vegetarian lunch: USD 270++ per person
  • Dinner & vegetarian dinner: USD 340++ per person
  • Champagne
    • Prestige Cuvée: Ranging from USD 523 to USD 7,144
    • Blanc de Blanc: Ranging from USD 619 to USD 1,659
    • Non-Vintage: Ranging from USD 287 to USD 1,275
    • Rosé Champagne: Ranging from USD 358 to USD 1,787
  • White Wines: Ranging from USD 198 to USD 715
  • Rose Wine: USD 205
  • Red Wines: Ranging from USD 223 to USD 4,262

3. Hurawalhi Island Resort Maldives: 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

You’ve read about the world’s first underwater wine cellar and the world’s first underwater restaurant. While Hurawalhi Island Resort Maldives’ 5.8 Undersea Restaurant may not be in the group of first’s, it has made its mark by being the world’s largest underwater dining venue.

An acrylic dome casing shapes this restaurant, with the space to accommodate 10 couples / 20 people. It also has a barefoot policy so that it stays consistent with the rest of the resort in that regard, providing a feeling of comfort as well, along with the exclusivity and luxury. Enjoy seafood, European, International and Fusion cuisine.

If need be, the venue also has the option to host special occasions such as meetings, weddings, meditation sessions or yoga sessions.

5.8 has lunch and dinner options, along with a Private Champagne Breakfast when requested. The pricings are as follows:

  • Five course lunch, seafood free lunch and vegan lunch menu: USD 225++ per person
  • Seven course dinner, seafood free dinner and vegan dinner menu: USD 280++ per person

4. Niyama Private Islands Maldives: SUBSIX Underwater Bar, Restaurant & Nightclub

Initially launched as an official nightclub in 2012, Subsix at Niyama Private Islands Maldives went through a redesign and came back in 2014 as a restaurant bar and nightclub, birthing the very first underwater clubbing venue in the world. 

Subsix is located 6 metres / 20 feet beneath the surface of the ocean and 500 metres / 1,640 feet from Niyama Private Island Maldives. Subsix can be reached via a speedboat, where you can enjoy seafood and international cuisine in the form of a stunning lunch, party or special events such as the Underwater Glow Party or the Champagne Breakfasts.

Step into a world of chic design inspired by the ocean, with capiz shells adorning the ceiling and conceptual chandeliers of Italian design. The restaurant offers an On-Request Breakfast,  Subaquatic Lunch Menu, a Beverage Menu and a Kids Menu. The pricings for the Subaquatic Lunch Menu and the Beverage Menu are as follows:

  • Four course Subaquatic Lunch: USD 319 per person
  • Beverage Menu
    • Cocktails: Ranging from USD 16 to USD 26
    • Beers: Ranging from USD 13 to USD 18
    • Water & Soft Drinks: Ranging from USD 9 to USD 20
    • Spirits: Ranging from USD 14 to USD 105
    • Aperitifs: Ranging from USD 14 to USD 511

5. OZEN LIFE MAADHOO Maldives: M6m Underwater Restaurant

The M6m Underwater Restaurant (M6m = Minus Six Metres) at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO Maldives is the first underwater restaurant that was included in an All-Inclusive Meal Plan. This means that if guests pay for the All-Inclusive Plan, they wouldn’t have to make any extra payments to dine in this establishment. 

Seafood cuisine lines the menu of this establishment, presenting the finest tastes available. Massive windowed panels offer a glimpse into the ocean and coral reef where many fish call home. 

The restaurant is made for couples, as each table only has two seats, making it a very intimate meal in the ocean.

M6m offers lunch and dinner for both in-house guests and guests who are not staying at the resort at varying prices. The prices are as follows:

  • In-house guests: Five course menu including beverages (due to the All-Inclusive Meal Plan) starting from USD 190 per person
  • For guests not staying at the resort: Five course menu excluding beverages starting at USD 300 per person

6. You & Me By Cocoon Maldives: H2O Underwater Restaurant

H2O Underwater Restaurant is the latest addition to Maldives’ roster of underwater hotel services. It is located in Raa Atoll, one of the best locations for watersports and diving in Maldives.

The restaurant sits a mere 100 metres / 328 feet from You & Me By Cocoon Maldives, within the house reefs of the island. It can accommodate up to 20 guests, while still maintaining an air of privacy. Keep in mind that a prior reservation is required to be able to dine in this restaurant.

An astounding culinary experience awaits as four Michelin star holder Italian chef Andrea Berton spearheads the restaurant, creating seafood cuisine that’ll take your palette above and beyond. 

H2O offers lunch and dinner for their guests. The pricing is as follows:

  • Four course lunch: USD 200 per person excluding beverages
  • Four course dinner: USD 280 per person excluding beverages
  • Beverages
    • Water & Others: Ranging from USD 7 to USD 11
    • Champagne: Ranging from USD 165 to USD 1,400
    • Sparkling Wine: Ranging from USD 53 to USD 140
    • Organic Wine: Ranging from USD 57 to USD 81
    • White Wine: Ranging from USD 57 to USD 129
    • Rosè Wine: Ranging from USD 55 to USD 98
    • Red Wine: Ranging from USD 55 to USD 269
    • Premium Wine: Ranging from USD 124 to USD 880
    • Sweet Wine: Ranging from USD 57 to USD 114

H2O can also be used for guests’ personal use such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. 

Let’s move on to the accommodations section for Maldives underwater hotels. 

7. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island: The MURAKA Underwater Residence

Welcome to the world’s first underwater residence where you quite literally sleep with the fishes! Conrad Maldives Rangali Island constructed and opened The Muraka luxury suite in November 2018.

It has two floors, one located above the surface of the ocean and the other located below it. The upper level has an outdoor deck with an infinity pool, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a tub facing the ocean and a dedicated 24-hour butler to handle all your needs.

The lower level is where the magic is. Descend 5 metres / 16 feet down a spiral staircase or elevator where you are met with a master bedroom that has a 180 degree acrylic dome as a viewing piece to the ocean, floor-to-ceiling windows in the bathroom & the walk-in closet and a dedicated tunnel viewing theatre where you can gaze into the sea and watch the aquatic life in peace. 

A first-of-its-kind where underwater luxury is unmatched. The entire residence can fit up to 9 guests and has a starting price of USD 50,000 per night.

8. Pullman Maldives Maamutaa: The Aqua Villa

Pullman Maldives Maamutaa is the first proud resort of having not one, but two underwater villas in Maldives known as the Aqua Villas

Each villa has an overwater bedroom and an underwater bedroom and are equipped with the following:

  • Accommodation space of 209 square metres / 1,216 feet
  • One overwater & underwater bedroom
  • One king-size bed in both bedrooms
  • Deck & lounge
  • Minibar with 2x daily refill
  • 2x complimentary wine bottles
  • Variety of house pours
  • Snacks
  • Coffee & tea making facilities
  • Outdoor & Indoor showers
  • Island bathtub
  • Complimentary wi-fi
  • Safe
  • HD television with Bluetooth & USB
  • Baby cot upon request
  • Private 10.5 square metre infinity pool

The overwater bedroom faces eastward, making it the perfect room for early birds. Watch the sunrise as you take a dip in the pool and then head to Sol Rising, the breakfast bar located just a short walk away from the villa. Indulge in healthy breakfasts, fresh juices and good company.

The underwater bedroom is located 10 metres / 33 feet beneath the surface of the ocean, under the overwater bedroom. The bed faces a massive glass panel that acts as a window into the endless aquamarine sea of beauty. 

Corals & fish sway and swim in this fantasy ever so gently, putting on a picturesque show for you and your partner. The Aqua Villa has the following starting price:

  • USD 650 per night for two guests in the All Inclusive plan

And finally, here’s the spa section for underwater hotels in Maldives.

9. Huvafen Fushi Maldives: The Huvafen Spa: Underwater

Welcome to a dream come true. Huvafen Fushi Maldives (‘Huvafen’ meaning dream in the Maldivian language) houses an underwater spa that is the first and only one of its kind. 

The Huvafen Spa has both overwater and underwater treatment rooms for those who want to experience both. The overwater treatment room has a glass floor near the head of the massage table for you to gaze into the sea below. And the underwater treatment room has multiple glass panels that shows the surrounding reef and aquatic life in all its splendour.

The underwater treatment room is located 8 metres / 26 feet below the surface of the ocean. The design of the room makes it feel like you are in the aquarium, with the fish looking in.

Huvafen Spa offers a wide variety of services, such as:

  • Signature Underwater massages
    • Underwater Dream: 60 / 90 minutes
    • Underwater Rendezvous: 120 minutes
  • Pure Massage by Beata Aleksandrowicz
    • Beata Aleksandrowicz is a pioneer in massage, facial & touch therapy. She has international renown as a wellness advocate and continues to push the boundaries of her craft everyday at Huvafen Fushi.
    • Body Pure Massage: 60 / 90 Minutes
    • Back Pure Massage: 45 / 60 minutes
    • Jet Lag Pure Massage: 60 minutes
    • Revitalising Face Pure Massage: 60 / 75 minutes
    • Body Balance Pure Message: 60 minutes
    • Body Tone Pure Massage: 60 / 90 minutes
    • Body Movement Pure Massage: 60 / 75 minutes
    • Mum-To-Be Pure Massage: 75 minutes
  • Huvafen Iconics
    • Huvafen Serene Awakening: 120 minutes
    • Huvafen Coconut Hair Repair: 30 minutes
    • Huvafen Glow: 45 minutes
    • Huvafen Sun Repair: 45 minutes
  • Dhimaalis Maldivian Experience: 90 minutes
  • Essential Nails
    • Polish It Up (Hands or Feet): 30 minutes
    • Fingers First: 60 minutes
    • Well Heeled: 60 minutes

10. In The Making: Water Discus Hotel

This hotel is currently being thought up by Polish architectural and deep-sea engineering company Deep Ocean Technology. This deal was brought to completion in 2013 with Ridgewood Hotels and Suites Pvt. Ltd, along with Swiss investors backing the project with 50 million US Dollars (38 million Euro, 32 million Pounds). 

The Water Discus Hotel is set to be built at Kuredhivaru Island with one half of the hotel being above water and the other half being underwater. The top half of the hotel will be 7 metres / 22 feet above the ocean, with facilities such as a spa, restaurant, tropical garden, rooftop pool and a helipad. 

The bottom half of the hotel will be 30 metres / 98 feet below the surface of the ocean, where 21 soundproof rooms, hotel bar, airlocked dive centre and a submarine will be housed. They will also have a decompression chamber for those who want to go deep sea diving.

The Maldivian National Ministry of Tourism has given permission for construction to begin but since then, there has been no given end date for the project. All we know is that the hotel will be built on five spindles with all the facilities being built in disk-like architectural marvels.

Costs & Considerations: Booking An Underwater Hotel

It’s no secret that the underwater hotels at Maldives would pack quite a punch financially, especially if you’re celebrating something like a honeymoon, wedding, etc. 

If you’re a bit tight on your budget but still want to spend time in an underwater residence, experience underwater dining or go to an underwater spa, you could do the following:

  • Underwater Residence: Instead of spending a shorter vacation at Maldives by booking an underwater residence, opt to spend one or two nights at an underwater residence and then switch to a beach villa or overwater villa for the rest of your trip.
  • Underwater Dining: If you’re there for the experience of underwater dining, one romantic dinner with your partner should seal the deal. The rest of your culinary experiences can be spent trying all the other fantastic restaurants and tastes Maldives has to offer.
  • Underwater Spa: Book yourself a spa treatment that’ll relax you until you melt into the massage table. For this one, you should go big and book yourself the longest treatment available. Make the most of a good opportunity as they say.

The Fascination Of Underwater Hotels in Maldives

Underwater Hotels in Maldives

Even with all the years of us utilising the ocean for various purposes, we still haven’t fully explored it. Only 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored due to the vastness and depths of the seas. There is still so much mystery shrouded beneath the surface.

The ocean is a source of sustenance for people all over the world for many years, and in more ways than one. Transportation, food, jobs, these are just some of the few ways.

Of the 5% that we have explored, a lot of it is in each respective countries’ coral reefs and surrounding ecosystems. These environments tend to be quite beautiful and that along with the mystery the oceans hold draws people in. That is why people are so fascinated by the underwater world. The colours, the flora, the fauna, the peace you feel when you just relax under the water and float along. 

You can imagine the excitement that people feel when they get the chance to stay at an underwater hotel in Maldives for their vacation. The room that you’d stay in would also have a portion encased in safety glass so that you can gaze into the ocean. The calming, soft rumble of the sea will lull you to sleep at night and a meal in an underwater restaurant will leave you satisfied like no other.

Tips For A Memorable Stay

While staying at an underwater hotel in Maldives would be memorable enough, it’s never a bad idea to make even more memories.

If you have an underwater residence, spend as much time as you possibly can in the room. If those rooms aren’t insta-worthy, then we don’t know what is.

For underwater culinary experiences, get yourself something you’d enjoy to pair with the cerulean view in front of you. Everything at those restaurants should tickle your palate regardless as world class tastes get adorned on your plate.

An underwater spa experience wouldn’t be complete without a treatment that puts you to sleep. Pick a treatment that you think would put you in the most relaxed state possible, for the longest period of time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading up on the best underwater hotels in Maldives. MadlyMaldives is proud to offer you these insights and pieces of information as you plan out your underwater adventure in the Maldives.